Trusted MacBook Spill Damage Repair


We are MicroReplay, a specialized computer repair company that has more than two decades of repair experience. Our staff repairs hundreds of liquid-damaged computers for other computer repair companies, in-house service organizations, extended warranty companies, and individuals. In addition to those services, MicroReplay helps thousands of school districts with support and repairs of Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP products.

At MicroReplay, we will give you an uncomplicated and cost-effective repair process that puts your machines back in action. All of our repairs are at a flat rate and that means our staff members focus on giving you the repairs you need. That means, unlike our competitors, we have no incentive to sell you a more expensive device or parts. 

Our repairs have budget-friendly rates, up to 50% less than our competitors, and without unexpected fees. We also provide liquid spill repairs with an extensive, one-year warranty that ensures your purchase is well-protected.

So, are you in need of repairs? Click on the button below to start booking your next liquid spill and/or cracked screen repair!

Computer Repair Companies

You get friendly repairs and parts replacement services that keep your computer repair business active and profitable.

Liquid Spill

Whether it’s red wine, coffee, or water – we give you efficient repairs that fix even the most severely spill damaged MacBooks. We also offer a one year warranty on ALL liquid spill repairs.

Individual Users

Do you have a damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?  You’ve found a friendly repair source that quickly meets your needs.

Service Parts

MicroReplay is a world-class source where you can finally find all the replacement parts you need.

Educational Services

We’re here to serve your school or organization with competitive pricing and personalized service, covering all of your needs!