Covering your MacBook camera is an excellent way to protect your privacy, but not so much protecting your screen from getting cracked.

The world of cybercrime is a scary one. Countless stories are being published about attacks on significant companies and everyday people. While protecting yourself with one of the myriads of security software or using a VPN is a logical decision, attacks can still happen.

Probably one of the most frightening types of attacks are ones involving webcams. Think about it; you are online, minding your own business, and some creep is spying on your every move. It sounds like a plot to a horror movie. But it does happen in real life.

It is these situations why so many people purchase camera covers for their MacBooks. These products, which are sold at almost any electronics retailer. Camera covers are also inexpensive and will not break the bank. So, it is no wonder that cautious Internet users are buying these items. After all, it is an added layer of (physical) security and humorously pointless for a cybercriminal to go after someone with a seemingly not-working camera.

With a camera cover on, a MacBook user can feel more secure about surfing the web. However, if you close your MacBook with it on, it can damage the screen. This is not a weird rumor, a la the “iPhone wave” (an infamous prank that implied an iPhone 8 could be charged in the microwave). Apple themselves confirmed that closing your MacBook when the camera cover is on can result in screen damage. The company also confirmed that a covering could hinder other webcam features, such as True Tone and automatic brightness. For those concerned about hackers potentially taking control of your camera, Apple says MacBook owners should change the system settings and choose which apps and websites have camera access.  

Apple themselves said not to close your MacBook with a camera cover because it can crack its screen. But what can you do?

Despite our best intentions, anyone who owns a MacBook is susceptible to making mistakes. People can spill a cup of hot coffee and ruin the keyboard. So, closing your MacBook and forgetting to remove the cover is not out of the realm of possibility. 

But what do you do when this happens? 

A MacBook screen repair cost can depend on what model it is, with some MacBook Pro/Air Retina screens costing more than $1000…which is almost as much as the computer itself.

What do you do? Do you go to the Apple store and pay a large amount of money? Or do you look for a shop that will charge for extra parts and labor? Or you can send your MacBook to MicroReplay, a computer repair company that specializes in fixing-up MacBooks and other high-end laptops from liquid damage and cracked screens. 

Our repair process is simple, efficient, and, most importantly, affordable. MacBook owners with cracked screens can start by getting in contact with us or log onto our booking platform and ship your computer to us. We will take the reins and thoroughly repair your cracked screen for a flat rate, with no additional fees.

If you bought a camera cover and made the inevitable, but relatable, mistake of closing your MacBook with it on, it is good to know that there is a company looking out for you.  


At MicroReplay, we know a thing or two about MacBooks and how to repair these devices. With over twenty plus years of experience, our company specializes in repairing liquid damaged MacBooks and other high-end laptops.

In need of a liquid spill or cracked screen repair? Book a repair with us today!

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