So, you have ordered a MacBook liquid spill repair with MicroReplay and are eager to ship it out. However, if you look around your house, you may not have the right materials to pack it up.

Your MacBook is an expensive piece of hardware. If it is not packed up properly, the computer can be shaken up in a box, causing more damage. Especially if there is already a cracked screen or if there are any internal parts loose, additional damage is not a good thing.

For those who are not interested in paying extra for mailing-induced damages, read below what you should do.

What materials do you need to pack up your MacBook?

One thing people should not do is to use newspapers or clothes. Not only will each of these items not keep the items secure, but it gets tossed out. If you accidentally packed your favorite shirt, then you will be out of luck. Packing peanuts are also not recommended since if the pieces break, it can get stuck in the charging ports.


True story; this happened at our offices. A package arrived with a bunch of clothes in it!

Each item that a customer will require is commonly found in any parcel shipping store or post office.

  • A 17” x 13” x 5” box
  • Bubble wrap

  • Air pillow cushions


After you have purchased these items from the post office, it is time to start packing up.

  1. Begin wrapping the MacBook up in the bubble wrap. If you are one of those people who like to pop the bubbles, please refrain from doing that.
  2. Place two air pillows inside of the box on the left and right sides. These pillows are important since it will add further protection for the MacBook.
  3. Close up the box and secure it with tape.
  4. Take your box to your local post office or schedule a pick-up with a parcel service.

Once we have received your package, we will begin our repair services.

At MicroReplay, we know a thing or two about MacBooks and how to repair these devices. With over twenty plus years of experience, our company specializes in repairing liquid damaged MacBooks and other high-end laptops.

In need of a liquid spill or cracked screen repair? Book a repair with us today!

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