Your favorite morning beverage can do a lot of damage to their MacBook if it spills on it.

It is probably accurate to say that coffee is fuel for the workplace. 

Whether it is plain black, with cream and sugar, or filled with delicious flavored syrup, it makes for a great drink while at your desk.

However, accidents do happen, and your favorite drink can become your least favorite pretty quickly, especially if you have spilled coffee on your MacBook. Then, the panic sets in. That said, there are some ways to mediate this potentially expensive repair. There are many posts on the Apple forums where people try to figure out how to fix this.

Help! I have spilled coffee on my MacBook Pro and it’s causing all sorts of problems! What did my coffee do to my MacBook?

 The first thing coffee does to a MacBook is the same thing any liquid does; it starts to affect how the electric current flows on the logic board. The logic board is arguably the most vital component of the MacBook. Since coffee is acidic, it will destroy components a lot quicker than water. If the coffee has sugar and cream in it, the corrosion will get worse. Not to mention, it will stick to the logic board, which can be annoying to clean.


When the liquid is left behind, as it dries, elements in it, like sugars, stay, and continuously corrode components found within the MacBook. For example, coffee spills directly onto the keyboard, and the person does not dry it up thoroughly enough. The left-behind joe with effect the keys, and potentially anything surrounding it. 

Also, it leaves an unpleasant smell for what it is worth when coffee with cream is left within the MacBook.

What do you do with a coffee spilled MacBook?

Like most liquids that may spill and cause damage, coffee can be cleaned out of the computer. If you immediately turn off your computer, turn it over, and dry out the computer, you should be in luck. Double your chance if you do not use a bag of rice to keep your MacBook dry. Or maybe you will want to take it to a local computer shop, which will repair any computer that comes in.

While both are a convenient solution for individual users, it is still a good idea to take your MacBook to a specialized repair company that will specialize in fixing computers from liquid spills. 

At MicroReplay, we know a thing or two about MacBooks and how to repair these devices. With over twenty plus years of experience, our company specializes in repairing liquid damaged MacBooks and other high-end laptops.

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