You will be shouting, “Be gone, dust!” after using one of the following from our curated list.

It is a fact of life; Dust gets everywhere. A shelf lined with books, the kitchen table, and a MacBook used for remote work. While dust can be easily wiped away from any household furniture with absolute ease, it is a bit trickier than electronics. Luckily for most MacBook owners, there are tons of products that can help keep your computer free of dust.

At MicroReplay,  we wanted to compile a categorized list of unique products that will either remove dust from the computer or prevent dust from getting into it. We considered other criteria, including how gentle it is on the device and how widely available the products are, and affordability. None of the products on the list cost more than $30, which should be a plus for budget-shoppers.

Five dust-cleaning products designed for MacBooks.

OXO Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush


The appearance of the Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush can be best described as a paintbrush-meets-touch-screen stylus. Unlike a regular paintbrush, the synthetic bristles are soft, rubbery, and made for gently removing dust and debris underneath the keyboard. On the other end of the brush is a wiper that looks like the end of a highlighter marker, which is perfect for getting some crumbs stuck in-between the keys.

Check out the OXO Good Grips Cleaning Brush on Amazon.

Canned Air


Canned air, or compressed air, is arguably the most common tool used to remove a MacBook dust. By putting a small tube at the canister’s nozzle end, the air will rapidly shoot out and remove the dust in an instant. These products are also ideal for cleaning out a fan in the MacBook from getting too loud due to dust build-up.

We found three different canned air brands on Amazon: Check out the Falcon Dust, Blow Off Duster, or Impact Select on Amazon.

Swiffer 360 Duster


Swiffer makes a ton of great products for the house, and the 360 Duster can clean difficult-to-reach spots. The Swiffer 360 duster is gentle on electronics and screens and can be found nearly any store where Swiffer products are sold. That makes this one of the more widely available MacBook dust-cleaning products.

Check out the Swiffer 360 Duster on Amazon.

Dust plugs


As they are sometimes called outlet protectors, dust plugs are designed to shield vital outlets on the MacBook. If dust and dirt build-up in a charger port or headphone jack, it can damage it and possibly render it useless. These plugs are perfect for that. Ideally, dust plugs are for anyone, but any MacBook owner who is working on a construction site or farm should consider these products. 

Interested in seeing them? Check out the ProChase Anti Dust Dirt Plug on Amazon.

ColorCoral Putty


While it looks like Silly Putty, the ColorCoral is much, much different. By sticking it over the computer keyboard, dust, and other debris will stick right to it. Maybe you could play with it just like the toy back in the day?

Check out the ColorCoral Putty on Amazon.

Time to get cleaning…

Regardless of how often someone wipes and disinfects their MacBook, it is a good habit to regularly dust as well. The good news is the majority of these products will not only keep your computer clean but not break the bank either.

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