Knowing what your MacBook model is can be helpful when selling it or figuring out what specific parts it needs for repair.

The following is a hypothetical conversation, but it probably occurs in more repair shops than folks realize.

“Hi, I need to repair my MacBook Air.”

“Okay…what model is it?”

“Umm, it is the 13-Inch one?”

“No, not just that. What is your model number or serial number?”

“Wait, what?”

Any kind of repair service requires knowing a MacBook’s family, model number, serial number, etc.. However, figuring out how to recognize what any of those are is not challenging in the slightest.

Q: Help! I need to know what my MacBook’s model number is before I send it in for repairs. What MacBook do I have? How do I figure that out?

A: Looking at the bottom of the device, using your Apple ID, or looking into the About This Mac or System Information apps.

About This Mac

  1. Click on the Apple menu icon
  2. Next, click on the About This Mac option
  3. A menu will showcase your Mac’s short overview, including what OS it has, the serial number, and the Family the MacBook belongs to.

System Information

  1. Click on the Apple menu icon and choose System Information
  2. On the side of the System Information, click on the Hardware option.
  3. This brings up the Hardware Overview, which will display the Model Name, Model Identifier, and Serial Number.

If your MacBook is not turning on or the screen is broken, there are other ways to figure out its identifiers.

Bottom of the Mac

Flip the MacBook over and look for the letter A followed by four digits and the letters EMC which is also by four digits.

Apple ID

  1. Type and log in using your Apple ID.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Devices sections, bringing up every device tied to that ID.
  3. Click on your device, which will bring up the name and serial number for the Mac.
“Oh, so that’s the model number. Who knew?”

Now, to follow up on the intro with the hypothetical customer…

“Hi, it’s me again. I want to repair my MacBook Air.”

“Okay…do you know the model of the device?”

“I sure do!”

Anyone, a hypothetical or real customer, will be able to get a particular repair done for their specific MacBook. While a first-time MacBook owner may be confused on how to check what model they have, they will not be with their next device by following any of the steps above.

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