Please take precautions when shopping online, and don’t be afraid to look into purchasing some MacBook cybersecurity software.

$189 billion. 

That is how much Adobe Analytics projects how much people will spend online when buying gifts for loved ones or taking advantage of deals for themselves. And that number will probably be larger as the year comes to an end.

That is…a lot of people shopping online.

While that is a significant number, it is not incredibly surprising considering the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Since a lot of folks are staying home, hopping onto Amazon or eBay is easier than ever. Not to mention, several retailers are taking their precautions and have reduced hours. So, it is no wonder that people want to finish their Christmas shopping through Chrome, Firefox, or whatever their preferred Internet browser is.

Of course, with an increase in online shoppers comes an inevitable rise in cybercriminals. In cybersecurity giant McAfee’s annual State of Today’s Digital e-Shopper report, the company found 419 online threats per minute this year and that only 27% of survey respondents do due diligence when it comes to dubious-looking emails regarding Black Friday deals. That means that more people are accidentally falling for various phishing, pagejacking, or other cybercrimes, which online criminals are, sadly, more than happy to exploit this year.

However, that does not mean that online shopping must be a scary adventure for the average MacBook user. There are countless resources and platforms out there to help protect any individual while surfing on Safari. Especially with a looming threat of potential online fraud coming to a consumer, it is good to research to see what cybersecurity software is out there for owners of MacBooks. 


Not to be melodramatic, but it sometimes, it can feel like this.

Here are eight different cybersecurity software that will hopefully give MacBook users peace of mind when shopping online.

But what makes an ideal cybersecurity software? We wanted to focus on platforms that were unique and provide particular Internet-focused services. While many of the companies here have some excellent additional products and features, it makes more sense to have more Internet security since this is about online shopping.

Also, in the season’s spirit, a few of the software on the list have discounts. This makes them ideal gifts for remote workers who need to be continuously connected to the Internet.


Intego is one of the many Mac-exclusive Internet security software platforms. The up-to-date versions of the platform have extensive anti-phishing and malware protection, along with crash protection. Meaning, in a worst-case scenario, individuals will be able to recover their device’s data if the machine breaks down.

Click here to learn more about Intego.


Another macOS-specific cybersecurity platform, MacKeeper, focuses on not only protecting your device from cybercriminals but also cleans up your hard drive and keeps your system regularly updated. It is more than just cybersecurity. MacKeeper is ideal for any MacBook owner due to how versatile the software is.

Click here to learn more about MacKeeper.


Bitdefender has a collection of different products related to giving your MacBook an extra layer of security. Its Antivirus for Mac product will supply users with a tool to protect all online payments and banking accounts and a fast, secure VPN. The Bitdefender product’s standout feature is Time Machine Protection, which backs up any files lost during a ransomware attack.

Click here to learn more about Bitdefender.


Avast is free, but unlike most inexpensive services, it is robust. Giving MacBook users extra protection from malware and web browsers, and Avast also provides security scans for public Wi-Fi. Avast is ideal for those who might be venturing outside to a “premium” outlet. The premium version comes with ransomware protection and the ability to notice Wi-Fi intruders and kick them off.

Click here to learn more about Avast.


Kaspersky is one of the leading names in cybersecurity. Taking a look at what their Mac internet security platform offers, it is not hard to see why. For Mac users, they will be receiving a free VPN and anti-phishing software. Meaning if anyone receives emails about ‘great deals’ during the shopping season that look suspicious…they will be secured.

Click here to learn more about Kaspersky.


ESET offers another robust platform for Mac internet browsing. This software, which also comes at a fair price, has a heavy focus on password protection, especially with financial services. For example, if you log onto a bank or credit card website, it will open up another secure browser to give a user a piece of mind. ESET also does its best to work in the background, protecting the user from any attackers.

Click here to learn more about ESET.


On the surface, TotalAV has a lot of similar (but incredibly beneficial) features that the other cybersecurity platforms have: malware and spyware protection, memory cleaning, etc. However, what sets TotalAV apart is its cross-compatibility across all Apple devices. MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and more can use the software.

Click here to learn more about TotalAV.


Sophos has two different tiers; a free and a premium version. While the premium version, with its ransomware and webcam protection, is ideal for many Mac owners, the free version should not be overlooked. It has features such as website filtering and remote management. 

Click here to learn more about Sophos.


Out of all the Internet security companies, Norton has the most subscription tiers. The more expensive ones allow for unlimited devices to be protected. Still, a single user will receive password management, a protective firewall, anti-spyware/malware/ransomware protection, AND dark web monitoring. Now, if only Norton can bring back their old commercials featuring 80s icons like David Hasselhoff and Dolph Lundgren…then this product would be perfect.

Click here to learn more about Norton.

“Check yourself before you wreck  protect yourself!”

Online shopping can be a fun experience for a lot of folks. For others, it is just another errand. However, it does not have to be one where you should be afraid to purchase something, especially for someone else. By using one of the following, holiday shopping can be less of a chore. Take a look at one of the following, or do not hesitate to do your research to find one that suits your needs.

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