What might sound like a cheap and easy solution to spill damage, putting your MacBook in a bag of rice might be further damaging it. 

Picture this; you are at work and are on a roll with a current project, such as a technical report or marketing campaign. You reach for your highly caffeinated and hot cup of coffee and, by accident, of course, it is no longer in the cup. Instead, it is forming a puddle on your trackpad and keyboard. Frantically, you start wiping it off and think about the other methods that friends and family have told you about. Will you be putting the laptop in a large bag of rice or will you place it in a V-shape with the keyboard facing down? After all, if you take a quick search for liquid spill remedies on Google, those two are the most common results.

The above is, of course, a hypothetical situation. But it is an ordinary one that appears to happen daily for many MacBook or laptop owners. Accidents do happen after all, and one of the more common examples of such an accident is liquid. It makes sense; with the rise of remote working and the “digital nomad” lifestyle, a MacBook is as common an accessory as a pair of shoes. And with that level of importance, MacBook owners are going to be more vigilant when it comes to potential accidents. If anyone does additional research on how much it is to repair a MacBook or any high-end laptop from liquid damage, it can cost up to $1000. Comparing that price tag to what some of these machines cost, that the same price. In some cases, the cost of repairs even exceeds it.

No wonder the rice-in-the-bag technique proves to be popular. It does not cost a lot.

For those who are not familiar with the grain-in-a-bag method, it may sound a tad ridiculous. The person grabs a large Ziplock bag, or in some cases a garbage bag, and fills it with rice. Since rice is absorbent, the theory is it will draw water out of the device. This also isn’t some strange new trend either. In fact, there have been rumors of rice’s phone-saving abilities when the first iPhone was released in 2007. Posts on MacRumors were talking about the same technique. Yet, the results for these kinds of tests are mixed, with a focus on short-term success and long-term damage.

But using the same technique on a much bigger, almost more sophisticated, electronic? Those results are not as positive. In fact, many sites implore MacBook owners to do something completely different; such as shutting the computer off, opening it up, and placing it on a hard surface so the keyboard and screen are facing downward.

However, there are several long-term damages that can affect the device in costly ways if the consumer relies on them.

When those situations arise, it is good to look for a solution to your problem.

One such place is MicroReplay.

What is MicroReplay?

We are a repair company that specializes in repairing liquid spills on MacBooks. When a liquid is spilled into a computer, it can corrode several internal components, including the logic board and keyboard. These are crucial parts that help the computer stay up-and-running.

While the rice-in-the-bag technique or leaving the laptop upside-down may lead to short-term success, what happens afterward is not good. Your MacBook’s OS may start to run slower; the keyboard can stop working, or, in some humorous cases, trackpads can feel possessed. That last one means that the cursor will move without your input.

Again, it sounds funny, but it is a real problem.

These liquid-oriented problems are also difficult to fix. And at MicroReplay, our staff has extensive experience in fixing up computers with liquid spill damage. This comes from our years of experience in the computer repair space and in-depth knowledge of Apple products. Whether you are working for an educational organization, an Apple reseller, or an individual user, MicroReplay’s services have you covered.

What does MicroReplay offer customers?

We take in laptops through the mail and within a week-and-a-half, or through our booking platform. From there, our team will be able to triage and fix-up the MacBook. If you have a liquid spill in your MacBook, MicroReplay will not only give you high-quality repairs but optimal customer service. For example, if a customer has data that they absolutely need to hold onto, our experts will do their best to help you retain it. This is because our repair process is different in comparison to other repair services. Finally, our prices are highly competitive and budget-friendly.

In conclusion…

Next time you or another co-worker or friend spills coffee or water on their MacBook, don’t suggest putting it in a bag of rice. Instead, suggest going to MicroReplay, where we will take care of you and your MacBook with expert-level repairs on liquid spills.

At MicroReplay, we know a thing or two about MacBooks and how to repair these devices. With over twenty plus years of experience, our company specializes in repairing liquid damaged MacBooks and other high-end laptops.

In need of a liquid spill or cracked screen repair? Book a repair with us today!

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