Customer Stories

At MicroReplay, one of our largest goals is 100% satisfaction with our customers. No matter what the cause of damage may be, our staff is committed to repairing anything.

Since our founding in 2006, we have assisted thousands of customers with their repairs and they wanted to share how we helped them. Instead of writing out use cases, we’ve decided to create animated customer stories to showcase real experiences in a more…animated way.

Feel free to watch any of the following customer stories, and see if our services are right for you.

“Man’s Best Friend”

Sometimes, accidents happen with our pets. Take Joe’s story with his dog below.

Liquid damage from coffee is different from water. Plus, when coffee spills on a MacBook, it can be sticky on the components (thanks to the sugar) and smell awful when it dries (thanks to the cream).

“Working With Locals”

Below is a story about how one of our customers, named Dave, went with a local computer store for his liquid spill repair.

Just drying your computer after a liquid spill doesn’t actually fix it. It may start working again, but it will never be 100% reliable and may get worse over time. Damage to the motherboard occurs literally within seconds of liquid making contact, as the minerals and salts left over when the water dries will corrode the components within the computer. To repair it properly, your MacBook needs to be completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and any weakened or damaged components replaced.

“An Unexpected (and Wet) Surprise”

MicroReplay will receive MacBooks that were damaged through unusual means. One of our customers, Sebastian, shares a rather unexpected situation involving sprinklers. However, rest assured, our staff was able to fix up his MacBook despite the unusual cause of the damage. 


“Stuck in the Middle with Rain”

It’s good to have a water-resistant case, but even with that in mind, liquid damage can still happen. Watch Kaitlin’s story below for proof.

“No Need to Wine”

When wine is spilled on a MacBook, it can be one of the most damaging liquids to its components – and it can get awfully sticky. Worst of all, wine is corrosive and can even rot certain components. It cannot be just wiped off your computer. This type of spill damage requires a certain level of expertise and tools to mitigate this issue. Which is something Peter, one of our customers, did not know.

“Painting Yourself Into a Corner”

Some liquid spills can be fixed easily. Others are more challenging to remedy. And then there’s paint, which proved to be unrepairable for one customer named Phil. However, we were able to back up and recover the data from his damaged MacBook. That level of skill is a key point of difference between MicroReplay and most other computer repair companies – and it made all the difference for Phil.

“The Customer is Always Right”

MacBook liquid spill repairs are expensive. A lot of repair shops will charge customers for extra parts and labor, which will increase an already pricey job.

One of our customers, Marina, took her liquid damaged MacBook to the Apple Store where not only did they quote her at an expensive price but told her to “Just buy a new one.” Instead, she looked for a less expensive liquid spill repair solution.

“Workin’ on the Farm”

Even if they seem unrepairable, most liquid spills can be fixed. From spilled water to spilled coffee to even liquid anti-freeze. MicroReplay found out about that when Bill, a farmer, shipped them his liquid damaged MacBook. Similar to water, it got into his MacBook and it wouldn’t turn on. While this was an uncommon situation for Bill, it was one that our staff was able to handle with care.

“Cooking with Friends”

Spilled water on a MacBook is probably the most common cause of liquid damage. While not as harmful as spilled coffee or wine, water still causes its fair share of hardware problems. After any liquid dries out, even water, salt, minerals, and dissolved solids are left behind.  These contaminants will continue to corrode the delicate components inside your computer, eventually causing it to fail.

See what happened to our customer, Sean, after his roommate spilled water on his MacBook Pro.

“Thanks a Latte!”

A MacBook logic board is generally one of the pricier components of the computer. In present-day MacBooks, the RAM and SSD are located on it. Other parts include the CPU, graphics chip, and others. So, in short, when something goes wrong with the logic board, it is not good. Take Kelly’s story for example, as she found out what a latte does to her MacBook Pro’s logic board.