Batteries & Adapters for MacBooks, Chromebooks, and other High-End Laptops


At MicroReplay, you can get both brand new batteries and original OEM power adapters for all major computer brands.

We understand how difficult it can be to search for the right batteries, and that you simply don’t have time in your busy schedule to chase down or search high-and-low for batteries and power adapters for all of your student’s computers. Not to mention, there is an abundance of knock-off adapters That’s where MicroReplay comes in. We take the weight off your shoulders, shipping you the correct batteries at lightning speed.

Because of our long-term relationships with top manufacturers, customers will be saving money. We pass on savings to you, while giving you the same quality you receive buying from the OEMs. All our batteries and power adapters are new, and have a 1-year limited warranty. This way, you never have to worry.

Learn more about battery management for MacBooks here.

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