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Save Your Organization Valuable Time and Money

Are you looking for computer repair services for your educational institution? Searching for cost-effective solutions for your department or organization?

You’ve come to the right place.

At MicroReplay, we give you world-class computer repair services – that save your organization money, keep you on track, and help you meet your education goals. We know how difficult and costly it can be to maintain your organization’s computers, and also how important it is to keep these devices high-functioning and up-to-date.

Here, we recognize the challenges of trying to keep older technology working at its fullest potential in the education environment. We know that many organizations need high-level devices, but may not have the budget or means to maintain or replace those machines when they get damaged or broken.

That’s why, at MicroReplay, we give you friendly, fast, and affordable repair and parts replacement for your devices. At last, you get the kind of convenient, full-service assistance you need, so you can maintain a top-notch computer system for your student body.

Service Parts

Your source for rare equipment, hard-to-find parts, and emergency replacement


Both brand new batteries and OEM chargers for your convenience

Liquid Spill

Fast and efficient repair after liquid spill on laptops or iPads

Cracked Screen

Get your computers or iPads restored and maintained – so they are as good as new

iPad Repair

Get your iPads restored and maintained – so they are as good as new

Chromebook Repair

Get your Chromebook restored and maintained – so they are as good as new

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