Liquid Spill Repair Solutions
For Your MacBook


There is nothing more stressful than experiencing a liquid spill on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. That’s why, here at MicroReplay, we specialize in reliable liquid spill repair that can restore your device to normal after almost any spill.

Wondering what to do if you spill on your device? Follow these simple instructions right away for the best chance of full-service repair.

First, turn it off immediately
Unplug the device, and power down right away by pressing the power button.

Remove the battery
If you are able to unplug the battery – do so right away to stop power from the battery driving corrosion.

Turn it upside down and let it drain
While it is upside down, take a dry cloth and wipe any excess liquid from the surface.

However, you will still have to have your MacBook professionally repaired, but following this advice can minimize the damage.

Individual User

If you are an individual with a liquid damaged MacBook, our staff will provide you with efficient repairs at an affordable price to get your machine back up-and-running. Also, all of our liquid spill repairs for individuals come with a one-year warranty.

Computer Repair Companies

If you are a business and you need to perform liquid spill repair for your customers, we have special programs that can help you resell our services to your customers and keep your business up-and-running.

Educational Institutions

MicroReplay created a robust computer repair service, where you can get accessible and affordable fix-ups for your students’ liquid damaged computers.