Trustworthy Laptop Repair – Including Spills! Specializing in Apple

When your educational institution user’s laptops break or are damaged, you need a fast, cost-effective solution that gets your machines up and running in no time at all.

MicroReplay offers a special program for educational institution customers regarding laptop repair.  We specialize in Apple laptops (MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs), but we have the ability to quote any manufacturer’s laptop for a repair or liquid spill repair – contact us for full information or for a quote.

When repairing Apple Laptops, At MicroReplay, you’ll spend up to 50% less than at Apple, while getting four times the warranty.  And if the data on the storage unit of your device can be preserved, MicroReplay will preserve it. We do not automatically reformat storage units as part of our repair process as Apple does as part of theirs.

We know how stressful it can be to experience a damaged laptop that your users rely on – and that it can be almost impossible to find a repair service that doesn’t try to charge sky-high rates.

That’s where MicroReplay comes in.

Here, we’ve created a full-service computer repair service, where you can get the kind of friendly and affordable service you love, including liquid-damaged MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs.

You simply mail in your laptop (after arranging for an RMA number), and we give you a free, no-obligation assessment and quote. This means you have all the information you need – before we even fix your machine. This way, you can make a smart, informed decision moving forward.

From coffee and wine or other liquid spills, to cracked screens, to charging problems, to broken ports – or practically anything else – the team at MicroReplay has decades of experience repairing all different types of laptops, just like the ones you use.

Our customers trust us for friendly, lightning-speed service that’s customized to your specific needs, and helps you immediately meet your repair goals.

When you work with MicroReplay, you get:


  • A free, no-obligation quote: If we can’t repair your laptop, there is no charge.
  • Fast turnaround: you need your laptops as soon as possible. That’s why we specialize in lightning-speed results that get you up and running right away 
  • Friendly & affordable rates: our rates are up to 50% lower than Apple’s. We specialize in budget-friendly service that keeps your money where it belongs – in the bank
  • Data preservation where possible: At MicroReplay, we know you need your data! We don’t perform data recovery, but we DO NOT automatically reformat your data storage unit as part of our repair process.  If you data can be preserved, we preserve it.  Apple automatically reformats data storage units as part of their repair process – there is no other option – so if you don’t have a backup before sending your unit to Apple, your data is lost forever.
  • World-class experts: we employ a team of highly-skilled experts who care deeply about you and your success
  • Outstanding results. Every time: you need real, measurable outcomes – and that’s what we give you. Get your computer up and running in no time at all!
  • Safe, 1-Year Warranty: all repairs are covered by our friendly, one-year warranty – so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands

Give the MicroReplay team a call today.