MacBook Air (11-Inch) [Model: A1465]

When you book a repair will MicroReplay, you will receive:

• One-Year Warranty
Unlike our competitors, our warranty for our liquid spill repairs is four times longer and will cover the whole MacBook.

• Fast Turnaround Time
Repairs will take between 7 to 10 business days.

• Flat Rate for all Repairs
There will be no extra cost for parts and labor, as we understand how stressful it can be going to a repair shop and having to pay more. However, if a MacBook cannot be economically repaired, we will contact you.

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Repair Services Offered:

  • Diagnose & Quote: $0.00
    • There is no up-front cost. We will diagnose your machine and quote you the repair price. You always have the option to decline the repair before we start the work.
  • Liquid Spill Repair: $475.00.
    • Our team will repair the motherboard and replace any vital parts that were damaged from the liquid.
  • Screen Repair: $299.00.
    • The MicroReplay repair staff will replace the screen in your MacBook at a flat rate.
  • Data Preservation: Free with Liquid Spill Repairs
    • MicroReplay understands how important a customer’s data is, which is why we will preserve the data during repairs. However, we do encourage all customers to try and back-up their data to their cloud.
MicroReplay covers the following models:
  • MacBook Air (11-Inch, Mid-2012) A1465 EMC 2558
  • MacBook Air (11-Inch, Mid-2013) A1465 EMC 2631
  • MacBook Air (11-Inch, Early 2014) A1465 EMC 2631
  • MacBook Air (11-Inch, Early 2015) A1465 EMC2924


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