If you own a MacBook and are constantly on the go, it’s not surprising to see fingerprints, smudges, and general dirtiness on your MacBook. For those who are traveling on the city bus or subway, it is inevitable that your machine is going to get dirty from being outside of your home. Even if it is kept in a messenger bag or backpack, it will happen.

Eventually, a day comes where a person gets tired of looking at a dirty, fingerprint-laden MacBook screen and/or trackpad and decides to clean it. Especially when it is flu season or if there is an illness going around the office or home.

However, what should someone use to disinfect your MacBook? Also, are there any solutions that can be bought at a corner store?

Q: How do I properly disinfect my MacBook? I use my MacBook Air quite a bit and would like to properly clean it.

A: Using one of the following: a lint-free, microfiber cloth with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol on it or a gentle Clorox wipe. These items can be purchased at a local grocery store, drug store, or big box store.

At the MicroReplay offices, we have isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloths.

Try to avoid any cleaners with bleach or heavy amounts of liquid. Not only is bleach damaging to the MacBook, but excess moisture of any kind is going to lead to all sorts of internal problems. Also, paper towels and napkins may scratch the screen and leave tiny pieces of them that could get stuck in the keyboard. Not to mention, it is distracting and annoying if it stays on your screen.

It is highly recommended to turn off your MacBook Air or Pro while it is being wiped down. Even if you are using the recommended cleaning products, it is best to do so in order to prevent any moisture-related damage that may occur. Once it is powered down, the MacBook-owner can start wiping the keyboard, screen, and trackpad to disinfect it.

Another solution, one that repair shops like MicroReplay use, involves using an ultraviolet light wand. This kills the bacteria on any hard surface, but the lights for this purpose are not found in any big box or grocery store. For most MacBook owners, it is more cost-effective and easier to purchase a package of Clorox wipes or isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth.